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About us Homik Oil and Gas Facilities Engineering School is one of its kind in the core development and training of individuals and corporates who want to make a difference in the Oil and Gas sector. We boast of, not just the finest of the training facilities, but the best of the facilitators and trainers. Click Here INNOVATION

To ensure that we give you the best training programs, we constantly recruit and keep the best and experienced hands.


We offer our more than 60 undergraduate and Diploma students an unrivalled choice of Diploma programs at our two campuses and affiliated Industries. 

Offshore Learning

Homik Oil and Gas School delivers a broad range of onshore and offshore training courses in the areas of offshore survival, marine, health and safety and emergency management.


Facilities Engineering is a department in almost all the oil producing companies. This course is first stage of SPDC-SITP equivalent training. Therefore, employment shall be given in all Oil exploration and production companies, Gas Plant, Power Plant, Refinery, design and construction companies.


Students shall be grouped in design and construction of a prototype of industry-related project which will involve mechanical, civil, process, piping, electrical and instrumentation.

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Take a tour in Homik oil and gas School  and you will find the best school in the state. The video will take you to every places in this school.

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We don’t just give students an education and experiences that set them up for success in a career. We help them succeed in their career—to discover a field they’re passionate about and dare to lead it.


Scholarship program available for best students.

Diploma Degree Programme

Oil & Gas Facilities Engineering Technology (NIC)

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Oil & Gas Facilities Engineering Technology (NID)

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Diploma Welding and Fabrication Engineering

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Short Courses

Oil and Gas Maintenance Management

More Detail

Fixed Offshore Plantform Design, Construction and Installation with SACS

More Detail

Drafting and Design with Autocard(2D and 3D) Plant Modeling with PDMS Software

More Detail

Compressor types, Selection and Sizing

More Detail

Value Types, Selection and Sizing

More Detail

Offshore Platform Design and Construction with Software-SACS

More Detail

Fabrication Technology Structural & Piping

More Detail

Oil & Gas Processing Equipment Selection and Design

More Detail

Processing Engineering – using Software (HYSYS)

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The Campaign for the Homik Oil and Gas School is the largest fundraising campaign in history. With a historic

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The Campaign for the Homik Oil and Gas School is the largest fundraising campaign in history. With a historic $1 billion goal, the campaign is expanding U of T’s global leadership capacity.
Homik Oil and Gas facility schools is also Affiliated with ESTIM UNIVERSITY OF ENGINEERING BENIN REPUBLIC. 

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